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Yoga Certifications
Cynthia Bialek - Founder of Yoga AfloatCynthia has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. She created Yoga Afloat® in 1993 after a three year struggle with chronic fatigue and fibromyalsia. Now, stronger than ever, she leads Yoga Afloat® and land yoga workshops across the country.

Register Online! Become certified in the “coolest” mind body program available today. Learn how the basic principles of the water magnify many of the benefits of yoga. Learn how to successfully blend mental with physical training. If you are an aquatic instructor or yoga teacher this certification may be just what you are looking for. Being able to reach a larger population who cannot participate in any land or strenuous aquatic activities is very rewarding.
The certification is currently in phases:

  • The first phase is a nine hour course which is recognized by AEA for eight continuing education credits.

  • The second phase is in the final phase of development

To arrange a Yoga Afloat Certification at your fitness facility please email Cynthia Bialek directly

Move into the next millennium with a new outlook on your health, fitness goals, and what new contributions you can bring to others....Become certified in on e of the most innovative, holistic, and rewarding aquatic programs making waves over the entire nation! Join our growing team!

Register for Yoga Afloat® Certification Workshop today! The registration fee includes a manual with over 108 color photos and a Yoga Afloat® T-Shirt!

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