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Water Yoga  with Yoga Afloat!
Yoga Afloat® is now available as a comprehensive certification program recognized by AEA for 8 cec's  Click here for more about the Yoga Afloat Certification Program!
Water Yoga Certification -- Water Yoga Classes

Cynthia Bialek - Founder of Yoga AfloatFrom the author….Welcome to my creation and the opportunity to explore this innovativeaquatic program, Yoga Afloat®. Many have found mystical healing powers from regular participation in these classes under skilled Yoga Afloat Certified teachers.

Yoga Afloat® combines flowing dynamic movements with traditional yoga poses, that when assisted by the water, help lengthen and strengthen muscles, support weak joints, and improve balance and coordination. It is through regular practice of these movements and poses (asanas) that chronic pain, muscle injuries and imbalances may be greatly diminished over time.  The benefits of performing specific asanas in the water reach far beyond the postures.  The water’s hydrostatic pressure can improve varicose veins, support the low back and increase oxygen flow throughout the entire body.  After a session of Yoga Afloat one is not fatigued but energized and relaxed at the same time.

My personal experience with chronic fatigue and fibromyalsia lead me to the development of Yoga Afloat®. When I could no longer practice yoga or any other land based activity I was drawn back to the water to just be. Moving in the water had always felt natural, sensual, and relaxing to me. But now I wanted no bouncing, loud music or splashing. I needed to hear my own breath and to be conscious of my every move. Getting reacquainted with my body and its’ new limitations was as much a mental experience as it was physical. Letting go was key to achieving more. Stepping back from my own expectations and discovering what happened one day at a time taught me patience. Patience brought me peace. Peace and patience brought me back to health.

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